Future Fox Infrastructure Ltd offers state-of-the-art Building Information Modelling to the AEC Industry.


Future Fox Infrastructure can produce unique CGI drawings

We use a blend of advanced modeling techniques in conjunction with third party plug-ins and powerful processing software. This service is available for anybody looking to bring visual perspective to any potential project.

Future Fox offers a new approach to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry

Model Anything

Within Future Fox Infrastructure’s BIM workflow, we utilize advanced modeling software that isn’t traditionally used within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. We have developed a unique brand of modeling that allows us to create any component imaginable. This type of design means that if you aren’t able to find online components (chairs, tables, etc..) we can create them in house. We not only create components, but we also apply advanced texturing techniques giving materials realistic depth.

Advanced Texturing Techniques

Future Fox has developed a unique texturing application system that gives scene materials layered depth. This is possible using enhanced mapping techniques. We create all the properties for scene materials from scratch, as they are built a multitude of intrinsic properties are mapped in and manipulated. This gives us extensive control over how a scene material ultimately appears.

Advanced Lighting and Camera Techniques

The final outcome of our drawings is dependent on third-party software. This software is specifically designed to allow material properties, lighting and cameras to work in tandem with one another. This means that the textures we create interact with the lighting and cameras in an exclusive type of way.

Using SLR cameras in our scenes, we are able to tweak a variety of settings to bring clear resolution to any finished drawing. The addition of lights and ability to control illumination, shadows and color allow for the seamless creation of any mood.

Working With Your Model

We can take any Revit, AutoCAD and even a paper napkin model and apply our advanced visualization techniques to it. We can also create unique topographical scenes which give drawings a more complete feel. We can model smooth rolling terrain, create water texture and utilize realistic third-party vegetation software. Using advanced camera techniques, we can take HDRI pictures of the real environment and incorporate it into the scene. This can help improve the visual deliverance of any project.

The Future

Our technical modeling style lends itself to many possibilities. Future Fox’s commitment to producing enhanced visualizations is laying the groundwork for more exciting things to come. The possibilities include CGI virtual reality, holographic presentations and even animation.

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