Future Fox Infrastructure Ltd offers state-of-the-art Building Information Modelling to the AEC Industry.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) with Future Fox Infrastructure Ltd.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a term that is rapidly catching fire within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry worldwide with some Governments even making its implementation mandatory. BIM is a concept that has become synonymous with project efficiency thus makings its adaptation and implementation preferable for key entities within any project lifecycle.

Future Fox specializes in BIM technology applications for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries.

What BIM Means at Future Fox Infrastructure Ltd.

Future Fox has spent countless hours delving into the theory and practical application of Building Information Modeling. From this extensive research we have extracted various perceivable benefits that we believe can help various disciplines within the AEC industry flourish.

Building Information Modeling is the creation of digital and intelligent three-dimensional models using software primarily from Autodesk. These digital models correlate with real world geospatial data and material properties with the end-product being a real-world representation of a proposed project. The benefits of modeling this way are multifold.

More Transparency

The concept of BIM doesn’t primarily pertain to the process of modeling projects. BIM also relates to data sharing. Future Fox utilizes a very powerful third-party cloud-based software that is capable of centralizing and organizing project documents while also giving any client the ability to access and explore our three-dimensional models. Clients can access their designs and move around within an easy to navigate user interface, exploring their designs like never before. Our designated cloud software also allows for markups and revisal’s to be completed within the cloud interface.

Not only is BIM preferable for owners and engineers, but also for field contractors. By simply downloading an app, designated project entities can access our centralized folder to find documents or even peruse digital models for the purpose of bringing more clarity to the construction of particular areas. Contactors can also upload any necessary documents.

The use of our centralized cloud software allows for more project transparency. Rather than having project entities working against each other, this method allows for linear and simultaneous movement forward.

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